all the code and mechanics for the Stopduino

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The stopduino is an Arduino based project based off of this instructable.

What is the Stopduino?

The Stopduino is a stoplight made by myself in which the lights (also made by me) are controlled over an Arduino Ethernet which is then controlled over the internet.

What was this for?

I made this project during my time at the BlueStamp Engineering program. During this program students choose a project and are then given the resources and the help to be able to build this project. Videos of the project in action can be seen here.

The Code

The code for the Stopduino runs on Arduino 1.0.1

The Design

Initially the original design I made was to hard to make with the limited resources I have. If you were to have sheet metal and some way to bend it properly and weld it together that would be ideal. Unfortunately I didn't have that so I made do with pvc pipe.

If you have any problems while making the Stopduino feel free to email me at with questions